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Artisan Gold Turkey

Currently Unavailable

The Artisan Gold is a rare breed that is small in size and slow growing. It thrives in a free-range or alternative environment where it can express natural behaviours while maintaining a high health status. This turkey offers a robust, hearty taste that is unique in the traditional turkey market. The Artisan Gold is preferred by both producers and consumers looking for a unique look and taste. Males top out at about 20 lbs at 20 weeks while females mature in 16 weeks at 16 lbs.


Assorted Turkeys

Currently Unavailable

A hatchery choice of White and Bronze Turkeys. Could include Broad Breasted White and Bronze and may include Artisan or Orlopp Bronze. Order minimum is 10.


Bourbon Red Turkey

Currently Unavailable

This breed received its name from being popular in Bourbon County, Kentucky. The Bourbon Red is a rare heritage breed. It matures at 20 weeks. The female will mature at 16 pounds, and the male will mature at about 25 pounds. Order minimum is 20 and these ship separately from other turkeys.


Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey

Currently Unavailable

Much like the Broad Breasted White, the Bronze is still as large and meaty as its counterpart. Because of its size it's hard for this breed to reproduce. Its size makes it the perfect bird to raise on your own for holiday gatherings. The mature female weight at 20 weeks is 23 pounds, and the males will mature at about 33 pounds.


Broad Breasted White Turkey

Starting at: $6.32
First avail: Dec 11, 2019

This turkey is one of the most common and largest breeds available in the United States. The Broad Breasted White's size makes it a great addition to any table. The mature female weight at 20 weeks is 25 pounds, and the males will mature at abut 45 pounds.


Naragansset Turkey -NEW

Currently Unavailable

The Naragansset Turkey originates in Naragansset Bay Rhode Island. It was there that this breed was standardized for production. These rare turkeys are medium sized and calm. The mature female weight at 20 weeks is 17 pounds and the males mature at 30 pounds. Order minimum of 20 and ships separately from other turkeys.


Orlopp Bronze Turkey

Out of Stock

The Orlopp Bronze is a premium turkey. Its features include excellent conformation, high meat quality, natural fat layering, and beautiful bronze feathering. This turkey delivers competitive feed conversion ratios and industry-leading health status. The Orlopp Bronze is the product of choice for niche market needs. Females finish out at 18 lbs. in 18 weeks, while Males finish at 20 lbs in 20 weeks.

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