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  • The Starlight Green Egger is very similar to the Prairie Bluebell Egger. This breed was created by crossing the Bluebell Egger with a brown egg layer, the result is a chicken breed that lays high quantities of only green eggs. As with the Bluebell Egger, the Star light Green Egger is a light weight and very active breed that is an excellent forager in free-range situations. The plumage color is also highly variable and comes in many beautiful color patterns not typically seen. If you are looking for a bird that consistently lays a green egg and will lay a lot of them, all while having a beautiful color pattern, then the Starlight Green Egger will be a great addition to your flock! *There may be a 5% chance for laying brown eggs with this hybrid. APPROX. 280 MEDIUM EGGS/YEAR | EGG COLOR: GREEN | MATURE WT: MALE 5 LBS. FEMALE 4 LBS
Next available shipping date: April 21, 2020
SEX 1-4 5-14 15-24 25-49 50-99 100+ qty
Male $4.52 $4.37 $4.22 $4.07 $3.92 $3.77
Female $6.59 $6.44 $6.29 $6.14 $5.99 $5.84
Unsexed $5.62 $5.47 $5.32 $5.17 $5.02 $4.87
Important: Minimum order is 15 chicks. You can mix breeds among chicks to make the minimum order. You cannot add other types of FOWL to make the minimum order for Chicks.
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