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We want to ensure that we get your order shipped as soon as possible, so we have temporarily increased our minimum chick and bantam quantity per breed and sex to 5. Our minimum per order is still 15 chicks and 20 bantams.


  • The Saxony Duck is a great multipurpose duck that originated in Eastern Germany and was created using Rouen, German Pekin and Blue Pomeranian ducks introduced in 1934. Drakes have the typical Mallard pattern but with distinct coloring of blue gray head back and wings. Females are buff with creamy white facial stripes, and underbody. An active forager and excellent layer, they are one of the best large all purpose breeds of ducks and adapt well to a wide range of environments. They are docile and more likely to be broody. Their adult weight is 8-9 lbs. APPROX 190-240 LARGE WHITE EGGS/YEAR
Next available shipping date: February 8, 2021
SEX 1-24 25+ qty
Unsexed $10.05 $9.90
Important: Our minimum duck shipping quantity is 15. We do not ship ducks with other species of fowl for the safety of the birds.
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