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Our minimum shipping quantity for chicks is 15. There is a minimum of 5 per sex and breed. We reserve the right to change order minimums as needed.

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Chinese Ringneck Pheasant

Currently Unavailable

The Chinese Ringneck pheasant is the most popular breed of pheasant available in the United States. Also, pheasants can be found all over the world. The Ringneck pheasant is mostly used for hunting and stocking wildlife primarily because of its ability to fly and adaptability to the wild. {{br}}APPROX 50-60 SMALL BROWN EGGS/YEAR | MATURE WEIGHT(22 weeks) Male: 3.5lbs Female 2.5lbs. {{br}} AVAILABLE TO SHIP APRIL–JULY | MINIMUM ORDER 20 | COCKERELS OR STRAIGHT RUN ONLY


Chukar Partridge

Currently Unavailable

The Chukar is a flighty bird and often a favorite to stock for small bird hunting. It is a stout 13-14 inch-long partridge, with a light brown back, grey breast, and buff belly. The face is white with a black gorget. It has rufous-streaked flanks, red legs, and coral red bill. Sexes are similar, the females are slightly smaller in size and lack the spur. {{br}}*Order Minimum 50.


Melanistic Mutant Pheasant

Currently Unavailable

These beautiful birds boast a dark teal and blue iridescent plumage. The Melanistic Mutant pheasant is a favorite variety to release. They have an incredible survival and reproduction rate in the wild. These birds have quickly become a favorite amongst wildlife hobbyist. MATURE WEIGHT(22 weeks) Male: 3.5lbs Female 2.5lbs. Approx 50-60 Small Brown Eggs/Year AVAILABLE TO SHIP APRIL–JULY | MINIMUM ORDER 20 | STRAIGHT RUN ONLY

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