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  • Hatchery Choice Rare will be any assortment of rare breeds based on availability from any bird that has a "Rare Breed" banner. The assortment will not include bantams. Breeds that could be included in this assortment: Partridge Plymouth Rock,Midnight Majesty Marans, Sapphire Olive Egger, Speckled Sussex, Blue Andalusian, Silver Lakenvelder, Cuckoo Marans, French Black Copper Marans, French Cuckoo Marans, French Wheaten Marans, Welsummer, Barnvelder, Prairie Bluebell Egger, Starlight Green Egger, Olive Egger, Salmon Faverolle, Cochin, Turkens, Blue Laced Red Wyandotte, Columbian Wyandotte, Light Brahma, Buff Brahma, Dark Brahma, Lavender Orpington. There is no guarantee which breeds will be included. This is based on availability on the day of hatch.
Next available shipping date: March 2, 2020
SEX 1-4 5-14 15-24 25-49 50-99 100+ qty
Male $2.82 $2.67 $2.52 $2.37 $2.22 $2.07
Female $4.27 $4.12 $3.97 $3.82 $3.67 $3.52
Unsexed $3.52 $3.37 $3.22 $3.07 $2.92 $2.77
Important: Minimum order is 15 chicks. You can mix breeds among chicks to make the minimum order. You cannot add other types of FOWL to make the minimum order for Chicks.
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