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  • The Australorp, an Australian breed, was selected for its high egg production, and was developed primarily from Black Orpingtons that were exported from England in the 1890s to early 1900. Australian breeders selected these large Black Orpingtons because of their efficient egg production and Orpington shape. Today, the Australorp is still a favorite egg producer in small and backyard flocks. Despite their record-breaking egg production, they are still considered a dual-purpose breed that grows at a good rate and has a well-fleshed carcass. The plumage is pure black with an intense beetle-green sheen that is breathtaking when seen in the sunlight. Their legs and toes are also black while the bottoms of the feet are white. APPROX. 250 LARGE EGGS/YEAR | EGG COLOR: BROWN | MATURE WT: MALE 8 LBS. FEMALE 6.5 LBS.
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