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Our minimum shipping quantity for chicks is 15. There is a minimum of 5 per sex and breed. We reserve the right to change order minimums as needed.


  • Leghorns are an ancient breed that first originated in Italy and have always been famous for their egg production capabilities. The first Leghorns came to the United States starting in the 1820s with frequent importations through the 1850s. From here, the breed was further refined and improved into the breed as we know it today. To this day, they are still recognized as a top egg-producing breed that is highly efficient at converting feed into eggs. They are an active, graceful breed that does well in free-range situations. Isabella Leghorns are a newer variety of Leghorn that feature pastel shades of cream and blue. Hens are an even pastel blue shade with cream colored hackles and breasts. The hackle and saddle of the males are a cream color with blue striping on each feather while the tail and breast are an even shade of pastel blue. Sold as straight run only. APPROX. 300 LARGE EGGS/YEAR | EGG COLOR: WHITE | MATURE WT: 4-5 LBS. | SINGLE COMB
Next available shipping date: August 4, 2021
SEX 5-14 15-24 25-49 50-99 100+ qty
Unsexed $7.65 $7.45 $7.35 $7.30 $7.25
Order limit: 15
Important: Our minimum chick quantity is 5 per breed and sex. We appreciate your understanding as the global pandemic brought an unprecedented situation in 2020; we want to do everything we can to best serve you in 2021. We reserve the right to change order minimums as needed.
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