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  • Orpingtons were first imported to the U.S in 1900 and have been a favorite farm-flock and exhibition chicken since. In England their popularity sky-rocketed and breeders developed many new varieties in addition to the Black, Buff, Blue, & White which are common in the U.S. Until very recently, none of these other color patterns had yet made their way over to the U.S. English-bred Orpingtons tend to have looser fitting feathers, shorter bodies, and shorter legs. They are broad across the back and have a more rounded shape compared to American-bred Orpingtons. Despite their differences, the English are still similar to the American-bred birds as they are good dual-purpose birds laying a good amount of brown eggs and have a gentle temperament. We are excited to offer the following varieties of English Orpingtons: Silver, Blue, Chocolate, Jubilee, and Mottled. *No color is guaranteed in the assortment. APPROX 290 LARGE BROWN EGGS/YR | EGG COLOR: BROWN | MATURE WT: MALE 7LBS FEMALE 6 LBS
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SEX 1-4 5-14 15-24 25+ qty
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Order limit: 25
Important: Minimum order is 15 chicks. You can mix breeds among chicks to make the minimum order. You cannot add other types of FOWL to make the minimum order for Chicks.
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